Hello! It's R.A.D to meet you.

Read And Draw started as a project created for kids and their parents. It’s the story of two sets of two brothers, Ciaran and Byron, and their inspiration: Oliver and Oscar. Ciaran and Byron launched R.A.D as a limited-run of printed fold-out zines available in various outlets in and around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Each zine brought to life a theme inspired by all things R.A.D in the world. Packed with hand-drawn illustrations and activities for Oliver, Oscar and all the other Lil’ R.A.Ders, it was designed to get them (and their parents) lost in reading, drawing and imagining.

Our following has grown since our launch, and so has our team. Caroline joined “the boys” to help get this world of make-believe fun out to Brooklyn and beyond, into the hands of Lil’ R.A.Ders near and far. We've got big dreams and are very pleased to announce we’re working on a set of R.A.D products, to be made available in November 2013. Designed locally and Made in the USA, they are produced in the R.A.D spirit of being good to each other, our communities, and our world. 

It's time to get R.A.D!

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